Monday, May 14, 2007

I had such a great Mother's Day yesterday--I hope all the mothers reading this did, too. My 14 year old daughter, Christina, set her alarm and woke up at 6:30 a.m. just to make me breakfast. This was the best gift she could ever have given me because, unlike me, Christina is not a morning person. (Rolling out of bed at 10:00 on a Saturday is painful for her.) It made my day.

My little seven year old, Justin, colored me the sweetest card with a stick picture of me with red hair (this was probably the pen closest to the paper). He is a little tornado--and yet he actually sat still for a few minutes just to make a picture for me.

These are gifts of the heart, and they mean the world to me. It's at times like this, when my heart is so full of love for my children, that I feel like I catch a glimpse of God's heart. I would give my life for my children . . . and God felt the same way. He knew the human heart was "desperately wicked," and yet He sacrificed His perfect Son to save us.

I once had a friend tell me she thought God was a bad parent because He allowed Jesus to die such a terrible death on the cross. I'd never looked at God's plan quite that way before, so I was actually speechless for a minute or two after she said this. Finally, I told her He was the best parent of all . . . a Father willing to do whatever it took to save all of His children.
He couldn't bear to lose any of us, and in the end, we rejoice in a risen Savior.


JohnD said...

Appearances can be deceiving. Your friend made their assessment based on temporal reasoning. One thing I learned from the Bible is to never underestimate the Father's sacrifice in the sacrifice of the Son. Not to detract from the sacrifice of the Son...

Jesus in the passages where he states the Father loves the Son because he lays down his life... John 10, I believe, are hints that answer the great questions why did the Father allow such a sacrifice and why do unbelievers face such an awful eternal fate...

It's all about the way Jesus (just by entering humanity forever which is sacrifice number 1) upped the stakes so that fallen sinful humanity in death could have heaven to gain or hell to pay depending upon if they believe Jesus went to all the trouble he did jut to make it possible.

What a bargain!

He will wipe away every tear...
Tears in heaven? Yes, when we see then for the first time just how much he gave to save us and how much the Father withheld his wrath (the ultimate quite desperation)... we will weep like never before.

Bless God!

9:27 AM  

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