Friday, May 11, 2007

You asked for it . . . you got it . . . more Walter Martin video clips:

I love seeing my father back in action.

Tonight, I watched a special on Harry Houdini, and it amazes me how a man who placed such a high value on hardcore evidence could reject it so completely when it came to Jesus Christ. He did spend a lifetime deceiving people, though, so perhaps it was harder for him to believe that some--including Jesus--could be telling the truth.

Houdini was not just a brilliant magician and clever entertainer, he was a relentless crusader against mediums and their seances. He did the Church a tremendous favor during the first part of the twentieth century, when membership in the Spiritualist movement was growing at a rapid pace. A master of deceit, Houdini was positive that mediums were charlatans, and he attacked them with all the ferocity of a pit bull. As the son of a rabbi, his critics couldn't slam him for being a Christian and they could never hope to match his popularity. It is fascinating to see how God used an unbeliever like Harry Houdini to turn people away from the kingdom of the occult.

As I watched the life of this unique man, I felt a sense of wonder at his talent and a great sadness at the choices he made. Loved by millions; respected for his commitment to protecting people from the fraud that was so much a part of Spiritualism, he died at the age of 52 a spiritually bankrupt man. He completely missed the eternal mark.

Harry Houdini escaped every trap set to hold him, except for the deadliest one of all . . . sin and self-deception.


JohnD said...

Thank you so much, Jill, for the videos of your Dad. So inspirational!

And a very interesting line of thought about the great escape artist
H.H. who has yet to make that promised phone call from beyond the grave.


10:29 PM  
Jeff said...

Thanks for the videos Jill, they are great! If I'm not mistaken, the Baptism of Boldness was right after Martin debated Van Hale?

2:02 PM  

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