Sunday, May 06, 2007

First aftershock . . .

Dr. Frank Beckwith Resigns as Evangelical Theological Society President

From the Beckwith blog, Right Reason:

" . . . given the immense public attention and commentary that my reception into the Church has provoked, I no longer think that it is possible for ETS to conduct its business and its meetings in a fashion that advances the Gospel of Christ as long as I remain as its president. I now believe that my continued presence as president of ETS will serve the very harms that I had originally thought that my retention would avoid. For this reason, effective May 5, 2007, I resign as both President of the Evangelical Theological Society and a member of its executive committee."


JohnD said...

Uh? {scratching head}

Am I missing something?

"the Church" as in...?

Very confusing...

...must investigate

...can't reach power bands...

--Space Ghost
uh actually JohnD

9:03 AM  
JohnD said...

Oh, ok, it's the Roman Catholic Church.

Got it now.

Just goes to show that human beings (even the most educated and spirit-filled ones) are incurable religionists and superstitious... which the devil and organized religions play on all the time.

"SEND your money, or YOU won't be blessed..."


"THIS is the TRUE Church, and any who vote Democrat CAN'T be a REAL Christian..."


Frankie is just a man, and another victim of its fallen nature. Pray for him and Mrs. Frankie. Oy.

9:08 AM  
JohnD said...

By the by, I am of the opinion that there are people in the Roman Catholic Church who despite the Roman Catholic Church, are true believers in Jesus Christ...

I believe that is the case in Protestantism as well.


9:09 AM  
Becker0109 said...

I am in total shock that Dr. Beckwith would join a church that elevates Mary, and calls her the "Mother of God."

11:26 PM  
JohnD said...

Frankly, Beckwith... ought to know better.

But as I said man is an incurable religionist who likes the candles and cauldrons of smoke and flowing robes...

this is usually when one abandons the leading of the Holy Spirit. Then the arguments of the Roman Catholic Apologists starts to make sense that sola scriptura "cannot" be adequate... there must be some anthropomorphic tradition to suffice...

But Jesus equated human wisdom with Satan:

Matthew 16:23 But he turned, and said unto [b]Peter[/b], Get thee behind me, [b]Satan[/b]: thou art an offence unto me: [u]for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of [b]men[/b][/u].

9:13 PM  
truthster said...

This is what happens when apologetics, philosophy, ethics and law are taught prior to understanding theology.

As a co-student, Frank did not have a good Biblical understanding. He was not taught in depth at the level of his education where he needed it most, and his focus was then turned to these other areas.

What good does it do if you can defend the Resurrection, if that risen Jesus' death was not fully sufficient for your salvation, but requires your works?

What good is it if you can show the wrongs of abortion, if you cannot show post-womb humans how to have eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ?

RC definitions are contrary to Scripture, but fit fine with the human mind, philosophy professors like this conclude. But that's just it: Christianity is different. It is not the religion of man, but one whereby God saves us from the outside, while we are still sinners, solely through His grace through Christ, nothing to do with our merit or worthiness. But the more worthy you feel, the more RC attracts you.

Now all his writings are to be read with the realization that Dr. Beckwith does not understand the very Christian message he purports to be spreading, so they will not be as correct, as powerful, as truthful, as correspondent to Scripture as they should be.

Pray for his repentance and for fellow Christians to show him from Scripture where he is wrong.

Frankie, just because He is sinning, does not mean you have to do so also. You are to have a personal faith with Jesus Christ, not one based on your husband's. You will have to stand personally before God. You can find from Scripture itself that salvation is a gift, one not based on works, but solely on the promise of God, on faith in Jesus Christ, not the teachngs of RC which are contradictory to this. You are tough! You need to stand for the truth of Scripture, which is much greater than Frank's rationalizations.

4:38 PM  

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