Thursday, April 12, 2007

Greg Johnson posted an apology a while back (see March 24 blog entry), so for those of you who missed it in the Comments section . . .


Let me apologize for the spelling errors in my reply and for the offences I've caused you. Because of my admiration of Craig Hazen I was quick to offer a reply to your blog about him. My words should have been more tempered and I should not have contrasted you against your father. I apologize to you and I am sorry. I ask for your forgiveness.

God Bless,

Rev. Gregory Johnson
Standing Together, President

My thoughts: I accept and appreciate your apology, Greg, but there is quite a bit missing from it. We can talk about this privately, though.

As to the spelling apology--it is unnecessary, since I'm not offended by spelling errors (who would be?)--I simply noted them as verbatim in order to avoid multiple emails from people analyzing my spelling. If you took that as a criticism, Greg, I apologize.

That said, my experiences after writing this article on Craig Hazen were interesting in many ways, not the least of which were the behind the scenes tactics used by some "Christian leaders." It doesn't surprise me, but it certainly speaks to character.

The last time I checked, we lived in America where freedom of speech is guaranteed . . . .

Stay tuned for my analysis of the prayer and endorsement.


Greg said...

Thanks for forgiving me Jill. I forgive you too. Feel free to let me know privately what is missing from my apology. Of course we may not agree but I desire to know your thoughts on the matter.

Blessing in Christ,

Greg Johnson

12:04 AM  

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