Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Heads up for friends and . . . associates: I will be on Frank Pastore's KKLA Show today so feel free to call and say "Hello," (or anything else that comes to mind). And yes, the topic is Mormonism.


richard said...

Hi Jill,
It was refreshing to hear on the Pastore show someone who was not going soft on Mormons. I have always thought it would be dangerous to have a Mormon Pres. because it would mean they were heavily deceived in spiritual matters and that would inevitably manifest itself in a myriad of other ways on a national and international level. Then I was pleasantly surprised to hear near the end of the show that you were Dr. Walter Martin's daughter. He was my radio mentor whom I diligently listened to and read during my formative christian years in the mid '70's. It's nice to hear that you are carrying on his fight.

God bless,

12:52 AM  
JohnD said...

Sorry I missed you. I'm just down the road in Southern California. Often times my work takes me to LA LA land and I would have loved to have heard you on the radio as I drove. But yesterday I did a gig in Hillcrest (San Diego) and was not near a computer to listen online. Oy.

9:33 AM  

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