Friday, November 23, 2007

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had a great time here in Southern California (yes, that's right--I've escaped the frigid north and am loving sunny, warm CA). I'm a bit behind on my blog due to vacation and holidays, but should be back into the swing of things this week.

To all those who have written me about Wyatt and Sodom/Gomorrah--you are right. I will edit him out (although those pictures were pretty hard evidence) and post something from a different source.

Interesting development on Richard Roberts' resignation . . . probably due to additional lawsuits filed in the wake of the first one. It seems to me that Richard and Lindsey have an awful lot of explaining to do. This quote is especially interesting:

Former Regent, Harry McNevin, who quit the board in 1987 because of the misspending he alleged he witnessed, called the resignation "inevitable." "You can't take the sacrifices of God's people and use them any old way," he said.*

Amen to that.

*Embattled Oral Roberts President Resigns;_ylt=AikoDvxUnTsKrwl6brr77O2s0NUE

Happy Birthday to me. :)


Blogger barryjh said...

Greetings in Christ, Having read a early edition of kingdom of the cults, I often wondered why Hank never mentioned your fathers influence.I've since found out with great sorrow for it does appear he has benefited some in the body of Christ. I am saddened however of his actions against your father and his family. He will be held acccountable for his behavior and if he has truely been born from above, there is no rest , true rest in his life is virtually an impossibility, this will persist until he truely repents. Your fathers exposure of the 7th day adventist church should recieve greater public scrutiny. They easily lead many biblically challenged believers astray and significantly undermine the finished work of our redemer and therefore rob him of his glory. I,m grateful to have shared my comments, happy new year, and may we all honor Christ soverign rein through obedience and love. Sincerely barryjh.

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