Friday, March 16, 2007

Details, details . . .

Brannon Howse was kind enough to invite me to talk about my 20 Amazing Facts of Mormonism so . . .

Checkout this link for a thought provoking discussion:

On the Air . . .
For anyone interested, I will be back on VCY America this Monday, March 19 to discuss 10 Amazing Facts of Mormonism with Ingrid Schlueter (an amazing host). :)

Re: Evangelical Feminism

In the interest of fairness, I will be re-evaluating Rebecca Merrill Groothuis's comments on Genesis 1:27, although I'm not optimistic (and I would like to be). RMG is telling her supporters that I misquoted her on air (along with Dwayna Litz)--so I will review and comment in the next few days. At first glance, the "context" sent by RMG shows a lack of understanding/knowledge of Hebrew, along with a troubling tendency to generalize in the realm of the specific.

On a lighter note . . .

The Kingdom of the Occult is almost at the halfway mark. Yay! It is exhausting and stressful and I love every minute of it.

Thank you for your prayers and please--please--keep praying.


jf said...

Per the interesting VCY America broadcast, have you ever talked to Craig Hazen directly about the Salt Lake event? If so, what did he say? If you have not talked with him, why not?

Looking forward to the KINGDOM OF THE OCCULT!

6:45 PM  

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