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In my research on Mormonism, I ran across some personal stories that touch the heart:

Discussion Board
Subject: Severe depression since finding out the "Truth"

Date: Dec 31, 2006
Author: anon

"I am new to this board although my husband has been a part of it for quite some time. I am really struggling with feelings of severe depression since I have found out that everything that I have believed my whole life is a "lie"... a total and complete lie. I'm wondering if this is a normal response??

To give a little background, I was raised in an LDS family but not exactly what you would call "Nazi LDS". My parents were both converts and were pretty liberal compared to most mormons that I know. I fully embraced the church, got married in the temple, everything I was supposed to do. My husband started researching the validity of the church and was very disappointed with what he found. I pretty much thought that Satan had gotten a hold of him and continued to take our kids to church, etc. etc. Eventually, one night I realized that I had been duped. I was devastated!!

About seven years ago right after the birth of my first child, my mom passed away. We were super close. I don't think I ever grieved her death because I was so sure that if I lived righteously I would see her again. What a blow to figure out that the "together forever" we are taught our whole lives is just a selling point that the church uses to convert people.Am I the only one that suffers from severe depression since finding out? No wonder we're the Prozac capitol.

. . . . I have been seeing a therapist which helps on some aspects. She is an atheist (which I did not know before I saw her), which is OK by me except I still want to cling to the hope that I will see my mom again. Maybe that sounds silly, I don't know, but I still want to have hope."*

My heart goes out to this woman and so many others who sincerely believed with all their hearts . . . and were sincerely deceived.

My recent article on the facts of Mormonism caused quite a stir, and I'm happy if it means that people like this sweet woman will come to see the elaborate lie crafted by Joseph Smith and the Mormon church.



Kris Carter said...

Wow, I feel for this woman. I was raised as Jehovah's Witness and understand the depression that can come with finding out the Truth. Fortunetly for me that process led right to Christ!

Learning the truth after being raised in a Cult is LIFE CHANGING. I fought it tooth and nail, but Christ didn't stop knocking and eventually I opened the door.. and was overtaken by the warmest and most fullfilling Light that I have ever seen.

God bless all those who can get of Babylon The Great!

10:10 AM  
Jill Martin Rische said...


I am so delighted to hear that God freed you from the doctrine of Jehovah's Witnesses. How wonderful!

It is so encouraging to see the hand of God.

Thanks very much for posting.


10:16 AM  
Kris Carter said...


Your dad helped me through that process like no other. I wish I could have met the man as he is so inspirational in my life. When I was introduced to Walter Martin the first time, I believe it was his debate with Madeline Murray Ohair. Ill have to check. He was so intense I had to stop listening. But after a while the things he was saying clicked and I went back and finished listening to the MP3.

After that I was hooked and have listened to as many of his recording as I can find and/or buy.

Walter Martin is truly the Paul of our time. I would strongly suggest to anyone who is of a cult such as the JW's or Mormons to sit down and hear what Walter Martin has to say.

Introduce them to Jesus and leave em with Moses!

1:01 PM  
Jill Martin Rische said...



12:18 AM  
Dwayna Litz said...

Hi Jill, Just stopping by to say "thank you" for your boldness to make a stand out of love for the Lord. I will pray for Craig Hazen tonight. Your article was much needed, as details get misconstrued, and people need to see these exact quotes. The students at Biola also have a right to this article, and I pray that God will lead many of the students over to your site. May God be glorified as you make a stand for the God of "Truth" and the God of the Holy Bible, not the "Book of Mormon"!

8:22 PM  

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