Monday, February 12, 2007

What a great day I had today. This morning, I spoke to a ladies Bible study and it was such a special time of sharing. The subject was the Occult . . . yes, really.

How can you have a good time talking about that? (You might ask).

The answer is that the Lord has given me such joy that it has become my strength. I now truly understand a verse I always read but never experienced to this extent: "The joy of the Lord is your strength." Nehemiah 8:10 It was a privilege and a lot of fun talking to all these great women. Thank you again for having me (and thank you my sweet friend, Jan, for making it possible).

As promised, here is the link to a unique website that offers some very wise advice on marriage. We touched briefly on this subject during my talk, and I mentioned this wonderful site.

It offers godly advice to women based on the experiences of Christian couples married for many, many years. I go back and read it every once in a while because there is so much wisdom there.



Maureen said...

Again, Thanks, Jill for coming to our group yesterday.

Are you familiar with Dave Hunt? He seems to be in tune with many of your comments(read your blogs) on the church. I've been following him for over 30 years and was one of the first to warn about cults & occult back in the 70's.

Another author. Dwight Pryor Was at one time big into the New Age through Edgar Cayce. He even was the editor for a New Age publication before he found and fell in love with Jesus. He has a ministry to bring the Jewish Roots of Christianity as a means of deepening our Christian walk.

I will definitely be using the marriage website for my upcoming class. It was fun(a joy!) to meet you. Maureen Franz

9:27 AM  
Jill Martin Rische said...

Hi Maureen,

Thanks for posting! It was a joy to meet you, too. I hope everyone enjoys the marriage info as much as I have--I always find wisdom in those words.

God bless!


12:00 PM  

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