Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Today--3:00 p.m. Eastern I will be a guest on Janet Parshall's America. I'm looking forward to talking to Janet again--it's always interesting. :) You can listen here:

Lately, the lines have been "exploding" (to use a host's words) when they ask people to call in--so I am delighted--but it can get a bit tense at times never knowing who will be calling or what they will be asking. I'm so very happy for the opportunity to talk to everyone, though, even if they're not happy with me. :) God is good.

Thanks for your prayers!


Blogger Vicki said...

Hi Jill! I'm am presently reading 'The Kingdom of the Occult' to do a book review for Thomas Nelson, but also because I've just wanted to read this for myself. Thank you so much for all the dedicated work you've put into this wonderful volume. It's an important work.


6:03 PM  
Blogger Jill Martin Rische said...

Thanks very much, Vicki, for taking the time to read KOTO. I look forward to reading your review. :)

God bless,


8:10 PM  

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