Sunday, November 02, 2008

My one hour interview on The Frank Pastore Show (KKLA, Los Angeles) went very well--Frank is always a great host--and they decided to play it again on Halloween. Many thanks, Frank!

The election frenzy is heating up and the media already has Barack Obama in the White House (following his lead), but I'll go out on a limb here and say that I think McCain still has a shot. I can't endorse anyone, but I can say you should make sure to vote and vote your conscience.

FYI, be skeptical--be very, very skeptical of what you're hearing in the media. Here are a few reasons why I think the MSM may not be giving us the whole truth and nothing but the truth:

1. The McCain campaign is drawing huge crowds, thanks to Palin's presence on the ticket. Large, enthusiastic crowds are a good sign for voter turnout.

2. If you look back at the Democratic Primaries, the pattern is the same as the one we're currently seeing. Pollsters repeatedly called states for Obama (like Ohio) and guess who won? Hillary (by 10 points in Ohio). A week or two before the election, guess what happened? News headlines called for Hillary to give up a losing battle and quit the race. Sound familiar? The McCain campaign remains within the margin of error in most of the polls, so it's not over till it's over regardless of what the "elite" media says.

3. A very underrated and ignored group of Hillary supporters called the PUMAS are working hard in the toss-up states for McCain. These are lifelong, hardcore Democrats working long hours for a Republican. They might make a difference.

4. This is still America, and millions of people respect the war experience and accomplishments of John McCain, even if they disagree with him politically. (I know I disagree with him on a few things like stem cell research.)

So, who knows what will happen Tuesday? I am not a prophetess (contrary to what some might think). I'm just hoping for the best for our country.


Blogger JohnD said...

I say this not to point fingers nor endorse (even though I could since I am not stymied by the 401 c.3 lobbyist hat trick). I simply say to all:

Look around. Maybe the words we speak are not our own, but those of people who we've trusted... who either knew better or were compromised themselves (present company excepted, of course).

But look around...

For us old timers (over 40), is this the America you grew up in?

For the youngsters, do you like not having a chance to set out on your own in the world like the chance your parents had?

Has it become the American way to drive the middle class into poverty and the moderately wealthy into middle class?

America today has become a nation of the (poor) people, (working) for the (rich) people, by the people (pulling all the strings and pulling the wool over everybody's eyes)...

This is what the bail out was about. After all. The moderately wealthy realized the mega wealthy was doing to them what they helped the mega wealthy do to the middle class.

Look around at the ghost towns in America where industry once thrived that has long been outsourced to slave labor nations.

That industrial base was not only America's job base, and it's tax base (since the the upper and lower class taxes were passed onto the middle class), it was also the base America could be self sustaining / self reliant on.

Both GOP and DNC have been infiltrated by globalists. And when one of their own (Hillary the First) seemed to be heir apparent, the GOP was only half hearted with only a show dog candidate (like Dole was in '96).

Enter the wild card (the loose canon, as far as the globalists and wealthy are concerned), out goes Hillary I and suddenly the GOP has gotta win this thing.

Start the galvanizing rhetoric with the Christians and the feminists (PUMAS), make B.O. out to be a Muslim (and when that tanked, a socialist).

1. pay your taxes without passing them along in price hikes, write off, and shelters of various kinds... America has been good to these people and this is the thanks she gets

2. take care of those people who took care of you... most only want a decent place to live, car to drive, the ability to stay healthy, and maybe send a kid or two to college or have a vacation ever few years...

Is that such a crime?

Take it from me... one who fell for the rhetoric time after time... Now I see through the subterfuge... tactics used to protect those who fear having to live like the rest of us... paying their own way and fair share.

That's not socialism. I'm all for proving it's not...

Bring on flat tax... all classes, no write off, with only court (with jury of peers) approved exceptions.

10% was good enough for God, it's good enough for government... and 10% is the same to the poor as the rich and all in between.

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Blogger JohnD said...

501 (c)3 tax code I mean...

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