Monday, October 13, 2008

Back by popular demand, another exerpt from The Kingdom of the Occult:


The contemporary evidence for psychic activity can be spotted all over the landscape: in homes, libraries, lighthouses and ships—any earthly place where man dwells—spirits will eventually try to make contact. Poltergeists, also known as familiar spirits, have even infiltrated the realm of television and movie stardom with shows like the cable Science Fiction Channel’s Ghost Hunters, and movies like Poltergeist. Their “entertainment” resume is lengthy and quite successful.

Poltergeists (demons masquerading as humans) are usually imaginative in creating their manifestations: they slam doors, walk up steps, throw objects around a room, moan, cry, touch people and materialize as dark clouds, red eyes, figures or colorful moving orbs of light. If they succeed in catching someone’s attention, they often speak to the targeted individual audibly or through digital recorders, Ouija Boards, or automatic writing, crafting tales of tragedy and woe designed to foster sympathy in the hearts listeners. In some cases, foul smells or ice cold temperatures manifest along with other phenomena.

People involved in psychic phenomena refer to these poltergeists as “memory imprints” of dead people searching for peace. Hans Holzer, the famous ghost tracer observed that, “Not all temporary separations of the body and etheric* self include a visit to the next world. Sometimes the liberated self merely hangs around to observe what is being done with the body.”

The world persists in its definitions, but the biblical revelation stands: poltergeists are demons, not lost human souls caught between this world and the next. They are not ghosts a la Patrick Swayze in the romantic tearjerker, Ghost. Demons enjoy playing games with human beings, and they have had centuries to perfect their technique.
[3] This phenomenon is well known throughout the world, accepted by millions as fact, and now documented by various media programs. It is authentic.

Poltergeists are far more than the “mischievous spirits” that psychics portray them to be. Fallen angels can never be friendly spirits no matter how pleasant and charming they appear. If challenged in the name of Jesus Christ they inevitably reveal their identity: demonic beings powerful enough to penetrate the dimension of earth. Their purpose is to deceive men and women by use of creative storytelling and parlor tricks such as vibrating tables, flying pictures, and apparitions; all meant to destroy human lives. The enemy is clever, powerful and sadistic, and they have had centuries to perfect their stories and games.

The Scripture teaches that at the end of the ages the Church should anticipate the outgrowth of great spiritual darkness. This is a work of the devil, and if Christians remain silent in the middle of an entire generation given over to the pursuit of occult Psi phenomena—a generation making a concerted attempt to take over the word of God and use its terms to describe satanic phenomena—then today’s Christians will bequeath chaos to the Church of tomorrow. A clear delineation must be made: someone must say, “Here is God and here is Satan.”

[1] Anytime the media is involved in paranormal programs, it is always wise to be suspicious of their results. Some may be legitimate; some may be orchestrated for ratings sake. Independent of obvious television drama, however, there are many reliable accounts of poltergeist experiences from sober-minded people who are not seeking the limelight and have no motive to fabricate their stories.
[2] Holzer, Ghosts: True Encounters with the World Beyond, 21. *Etheric is a New Age term referring to the human “aura” or the energy body, also called the life force.
[3] See Chapter 14, Demon Possession and Exorcism.


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Forgive my absence, I have been digging out a bomb shelter given the recent political and financial fall out...

Well written, and balanced... in the area of what is rather than the typical devil under every rock teaching or the other extreme of rationale / denial.

Keep telling it like it is, Sister.

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