Sunday, August 17, 2008

I've been informed that Mariners Church in Irvine, California is at it again, cozying up to their partners in doctrinal crime, Greg Johnson, (Standing Together "Ministries") and Craig Hazen (Biola University). It seems they have another evening of "Conversation" scheduled next Sunday, August 24, with the King of Mormon Propaganda himself, Robert Millet.*

And guess what? The Mormon Church is also calling upon its people to "join hands for an Evening Of Mormon/Evangelical Conversation". Check out this Mormon blog for more details:

I wish this was nothing more than a bad dream but, unfortunately, some naive and perhaps not so well educated church leaders believe this is a "loving" way to reach Mormons: Invite them in to the House of God, seat the young sheep before them and never--ever--say anything offensive to them (like exposing blasphemous doctrinal issues, for example). Just throw wide the doors of the true Church of Jesus Christ and offer God's platform to friendly purveyors of satanic theology . . . all in the name of love.

So Joseph Smith claimed he did a greater work than Jesus Christ? (Shhhh--you might offend someone.)

So Jesus was not conceived by the Holy Spirit? (Really? You're not very loving.)

So God the Father had physical sex with his daughter, Mary, to produce Jesus? (How rude.)

By the way, this is the same Mariners Church that offered its parking lot to faithful Mormons attending their new Temple opening--and then banned Christians from witnessing to them.

All I can say is, "even so, come Lord Jesus."

Let the leadership at Mariners know what you think:

Pastor of the Day - 949.854.7030 x450

*For some fascinating insight on the Craig Hazen/Greg Johnson Mormon issue see


Blogger Joseff said...

Thanks, Jill!

Are you planning to go on Pastore? If so, I want to make sure to hear you.

- Joe

2:36 PM  

Frank Beckwith apostasized. He left the faith and became a Roman Catholic. So your dialogue with him was likely fruitless. Sorry about that. Although I have to admit he wrote one heck of a book about abortion.

Mormonism is trying hard to sell itself as a mainstream protestant denomination. And these preachers who want to give them a soap box in order to do so are to be confronted.

Excellent, courageous stand. You do not stand alone.


Brian James Shanley
Minneapolis, MN

3:54 PM  

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