Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Kingdom of the Occult has now hit #1 in the Bestsellers/Occult section of Amazon--followed by The Kingdom of the Cults at #2! It changes hourly, but we have been in the top 10 consistently over the last few weeks. God is good. :)

Just an update . . . things went great on Janet Parshall's show. Two hours flew by and the response was so overwhelming Janet invited me back for another two hour show. She is a remarkable host--very knowledgable and compassionate.

There is so much hunger out there to talk about the power of God vs. the power of the occult--people have questions and experiences they need to share. I feel honored to speak to everyone who calls in. It really is a humbling thing when someone takes time out of his or her busy schedule to talk to you. One lady had just dealt with a 5.7 earthquake that morning in Anchorage, Alaska and still she had to pick up the phone and call in. I truly hope this book changes people's lives the way it changed mine when I was working on it.


Blogger JohnD said...

I am glad your book came out when it did.

People are wanting answers. Preaching Christian principles and application to daily living has its place in the needs of the Church... but every Sunday??? in between sermons on Malachi 3... {sigh}

Christians and those dipping in their toe need answers. Reasons why we believe what we believe... and now, since the occult is so prevalent and has managed to slip past our social defenses of late.. we need answers now more than ever... answers your book provides... exposing what they believe and practice under our very noses...

New Age sounds so hep, but it's oh so evil. It masquerades as what the Church hasn't "got" in 2000 years, but what the Church hasn't got is the evil that in varying degrees and forms makes up the Kingdom of the Occult.

People only think that extreme satanism / voodoo is the occult and that it is rare. But one's neighbor who watches their house when they go out of town a few days may be Wicca.

Oh but they are so nice and seem so normal. Normal is the problem. Normal is why we need a Savior.

And thank God for your book Jill... I am sure the research for it must have been rough...

People just don't realize... and hopefully / prayerfully God will use your book to spread the word both far and wide.

Congrats on the #1 Best Seller!

4:56 PM  
Blogger JohnD said...

Btw, New Age is just the false media face presented for the public to see and have a false sense of security over. As any who read Kingdom of the Occult will find, it goes much deeper and in many more evil directions. But to most who even bother to think about the subject these days see the characters of "Charmed" or "Angel" or even "Oprah" as the faces of this sulfuric tide (beneath the surface).

Complacency and ignorance (two parts of the unholy trinity).

Your Dad spent the better part of his adult life trying to get the Church to wake up about the cult (and now the occult through you)... I just wish I was not so cynical about the Church actually waking up until it's too late and we are forced underground {again}.

8:53 PM  
Blogger tinycrack said...

The KKLA link only gives you the page of KKLA, not to a specific interview.

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