Thursday, August 16, 2007

Great news on the radio front--I will be a guest on the Frank Pastore Show (KKLA) this afternoon at 5:00 pm (Pacific). Here's the link for all of you who might want to listen in

Frank will have some interesting questions for me directly related to all of you--yes--our blog will step into the spotlight . . . and yes--it has to do with the Mormons and their Christian Apologist friends.

Last night Frank gave me the opportunity to comment on Cultural Apologists like Craig Hazen, Richard Mouw and Greg Johnson. In specific, to defend my father against the slights and well--unkind comments made by them in their continuing quest to buddy-up to the Mormon Church.

For those of you who don't live in the Los Angeles area, Frank Pastore is the afternoon drive-time host whose show won the 2006 National Religious Broadcasters Talk Show of the Year. This is even more significant (and amazing) since Frank reminds me a great deal of my father.

Oh--and stay tuned to the 6:00 pm hour for my good friend and co-author, Kurt Van Gorden (Utah Gospel Mission) who has a few things to say about all of this. Kurt usually ends up in the thick of things with the Mormons (like getting arrested in front of the Salt Lake City tabernacle for handing out tracks on public property.)

It should be interesting.


JohnD said...

Oh phooey, I just missed you! I just got online at 6:15 PM today.... argh!!!

Have to catch you next time. :-)

8:17 PM  
RD Martinez said...

I really enjoyed your interview with Frank Pastore. I'm very glad I have now found your web site. I heard Dr. Martin daily in my younger years and really learned and was blessed by his teaching! I learned so much from his books and The Bible Anserman program. I do miss him and I'll never forget all the great teaching and insight I learned from him. We need more believers like Dr. Martin in todays crazy times where people are going after false teachings in droves! As the millionaire tele-evangelists get richer and richer. Keep on fighting the good fight for truth in our Lord Jesus Gospel! May God bless and strengthen your ministry and I will definitely be a constant visitor to your web site. Thank you for your efforts!

11:03 PM  
Charles Putnam said...

I grew up in L.A. (we now live in the Houston area) and listened to Frank's show. Fortunately, he's one of those that "cuts it straight" and doesn't mince words

5:02 AM  

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