Monday, June 25, 2007

Hmmm . . . I skip out of town for a cousin's wedding and come back to find more fun and excitement here in the land of Apologetics. The latest salvo was fired today in the continuing assault of the would-be Bible Answer Man on Dr. Tim LaHaye. Hanegraaff's response to Dr. Thomas Ice's article is as follows (WARNING: Strong stimulant required to maintain attention span):


To the Editor:
Thank‐you for this opportunity to respond to the recent National Liberty Journal article titled, “Hanegraaff Calls Tim LaHaye a Racist and Blasphemer,” by Thomas Ice

In November 2004 an article appeared in the Dallas Morning News titled, “Last Disciple vs. Left Behind: New Take on Rapture Puts Authors in Apocalyptic Feud.” In the article Tim LaHaye supposed that I subscribe to the “nonsense” that “Christ came back in AD 68.” As LaHaye’s charge was circulated via newspapers and the Internet, I was summarily branded a “preterist” and a heretic who believes the second coming of Christ has already come. Pre‐Trib Research Center fellow Mark Hitchcock not only associates me with preterism but uses the label to suggest I may be prone to anti‐Semitic proclivities.

And now the National Liberty Journal headline: “Hanegraaff Calls Tim LaHaye a Racist and Blasphemer.” The article begins by characterizing The Apocalypse Code as “a sub‐Christian attack,” proceeds to say “Hanegraaff is certainly no lover of Israel,” and concludes with the assertion, “Hanegraaff embraces and argues for Replacement Theology.”

First, a careful reading of The Apocalypse Code demonstrates that I do not call LaHaye a racist or a blasphemer. Rather, it is the implications of his theology that I call into question. For example, as I explain, LaHaye divides people into two categories on the basis of race. He goes so far as to assert, “After carefully analyzing the temperament of the first Israelite as he is described in the Bible, I have found Jacob to be a ‘dead ringer’ for the twentieth‐century residents of Israel.” The good news for Jews is that LaHaye believes that on the basis of their race they have a divine right to the land of Palestine. The bad news, according to LaHayeʹs worldview, is that as a direct result of the crucifixion of Christ twentyfirst century Jews will soon die in an Armageddon that will make the Nazi Holocaust pale by comparison. In sharp contrast, I hold the very suggestion that Jews are under a national blood‐guiltiness for the murder of Christ to be abhorrent.

You can read the rest of the artice here (if you feel compelled):


JohnD said...

Wow. I suppose by now I should be used to such spin-doctoring that makes what the Bible teaches sound abhorrent and what mere mortals teach sound like what the Bible really means... but wow.

HHH (in my humble opinion) is feeling the heat (and loss of donation $$$) for taking the clear PRETERIST stance he took.

But if he is genuinely finding the contents Preterist pie too hard to swallow, then he ought to have a slice of humble pie, admit to making a mistake, and place an order for orthodox pie.

8:38 AM  
Mark Scheiderer said...

This is off topic, but old H.H. was mentioned on SRNnews ( Salem Radio's 5 minute news piece ) yesterday, 6/25/07, and basically said that it would be o.k. for Christians to vote for a Mormon presidential candidate.
No mention was made of his court and monetary losses, only that he heads CRI.
IMHO, H.H.'s sheep outfit is getting worn and ragged and the wolf beneath is becoming plain for all to see. He's WORSE than the heretics he talks about!

3:52 PM  
Becker0109 said...

I wish that someone who has the proper training in theology would debate Hank. Though I highly doubt that Hank would agree, I would love to see it. After all, Paul righted a wrong by Peter, didn't he?

12:22 AM  
JohnD said...

To equip the futurist to oppose the Preterist:

2:43 PM  

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