The irony of the discussion about the nature of God is how mere mortal men and women try to impose their views upon the Eternal.

And instead of using the evidence that Eternal Life has communicated to mortal man, and accepting the evidence, people use forms of argumentation to forcibly impose their will upon the facts.

What cons***utes the nature and the being and the essence and quintessence of GOD?

If it takes a spirit, two planets, and a pair of jumper cables who is man to argue with this???

From the totality of canonized scripture (a thing not even available until the 4th Century CE) man could for the first time in all human history research and examine the evidence in scripture about the nature of God.

The concept name "Trinity" does not appear in the Bible. But the concept is taught in the Bible in the same way a parent would teach the concept to a child that their family is a compound unity. The parent would not use the concept name "compound unity." They would say rather, your father is family, your mother is family, you child are family, we are one family... not three families.

It has been said there is no teaching about the Trinitarian concept / doctrine in the Old Testament. This is patently false. The entire concept about the nature of God is not focused in any portion of scripture but requires the total overall context of scriptures together to view the masterpiece of this eternal puzzle.

Why was this revealed in this way to man?

Satanic interference through demons and man hostile to God and his mission to save humanity. The teaching and the communication from God had to anticipate hostile jamming (so to speak). And as Isaiah 28:9-13 says "here a little there a little..." Meanwhile God only held man accountable to the amount of divine revelation extant in their lifetimes along its progression.

The complete Bible teaches that it takes three eternal coexisting individuals to make one God. Accept it.