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    Sample entry...

    WHY the obsession with the Friday the 13th?

    I mean, why not Thursday the 12th? Sunday the 15th?

    We recently went through another Friday the 13th (two days ago) and I overheard someone claim there was only three hours left of bad luck at 9 PM that evening.

    Many have tried to research in history when this mysterious combination of days and dates became such a bugaboo for tragedy and misfortune. Many coincidental things have happened on Fridays the 13th down through history but none have been the precedent setter... because none have gone back far enough until... the Exodus in the Bible.

    When the enslaved Jews left Egypt with the blessings and even the ransom of their personal fortunes... it took the ultimate plague for their leader to release them... the death of the firstborn of all Egypt. Which took place on the Hebrew calendar Sa****ay the 14th (sunset to sunset) and on the Egyptian calendar (sunrise to sunrise) Friday the 13th.

    Not so scary or foreboding now is it (now that you know where it came from)? All one needs do is not oppose God.

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