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Thread: Trinity, the false doctrine of a parallel errant church

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    Tom Boots

    Default Trinity, the false doctrine of a parallel errant church

    No such word found in scripture.
    No such doctrine taught till 3rd CENTURY!! (how is that?).
    No speech of any Bible writer of three persons, persons in the plural, triune godhead, triad, triunity, beings or three beings, of three separate persons, a eternal Son, a GOD THE SON(made up second deity) or GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT (another bogus deity).
    Of the Greek, Hebrew speaking of it as well as the English translations.

    It is from Satan and his gentile pagan religions designed to go against God and his people and the language they spoke and the First century true church which had the Spirit baptism and infilling and the truth of the doctrine which Trinitarians as Catholic MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT or Protestant harlot daughters reject, which is GOD IN CHRIST, JESUS AS GOD AND AS THE SON OF GOD, THE MAN CHRIST, AND HIS SPIRIT IN US.

    Scriptures are against the Trinity way, the history of the church, the three beings sitting ftf and ***le baptism, instead of Jesus name Baptism as we real saints hold.

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    First it jumped off the page to me that controls must be set pretty tough on this board if someone spells t i t l e and it gets *** blocking on part of the word.

    Well with that said, I must agree with Poster of this page, I never found it, never found any of the similar language of the Trinitarian churches.

    I learned quite a bit of Greek and studied the Bible for close to 45 yrs and came to a similar conclusion, scriptures, history, Grammar, and common sense.

    I will be interested in discussing points here that I see and another sees and as a Oneness Pentecostal myself believe the evidence is on our side.

    I have taught in United Pentecostal, Independent and other Oneness organizations.

    I am surprised that no person of Trinitarian persuasion has replied, course I don't know the people here, maybe the poster is just to knowledgeable for opponents.

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    The Old Testament itself was not canonized until the council of Jamnia (debated to be as early as 90 CE or as late as 125 CE).

    The New Testament was not canonized until 4th century CE which would answer your apparent dilemma in spades. The Bible was not established as complete until the dates you yourself state the doctrine of the Trinity started to emerge. This was when for the first time in human history the entire Word of God could be studied and compared together. And from it came the doctrine of the trinity among others unknown till then. And with this knowledge of a more complete evidence of scripture, we can go back into previous texts and see where the plurality of individuals in the Godhead has been clued into the older texts. Psalm 2 for example being a three person discussion... the use of Elohiym (plural) rather than elohe (singular)...

    Though your intent was to besmirch the teaching you actually ****ressed the doctrine as truth from your own misinformed premise.

    And I just have to laugh. LOL

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