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Thread: Conservative and Liberal Christians: Winning! Losing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Libby View Post
    Article by John Shore that was kind of interesting, showing the strengths and weaknesses of both liberal and conservative Christians.
    it was not much of a article...something to read in the bathroom or while standing in a line, but thats about the depth of it.

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    It was a blog post. I don't think it was meant to be an in depth dissertation.

    I had forgotten about it. He made some fairly good points. What I got from it is, in part, the reason why conservative churches are more financially healthy. They seem to have more stick-to-it..iveness. Liberals (and I love liberal theology) are kind of all over the place and hard to nail down. I've been to a couple of liberal churches and they are not very healthy...small attendance and just not very together. I have heard the UU Churches are pretty solid, though. And, many of the liberal Episcopalian Churches, as well.

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    don't believe it, instead it isn't used at all by Christians to malign women, Democrats and Liberal so called Christians and do.

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