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Thread: The Calvinist-Arminian debate

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    Quote Originally Posted by alanmolstad View Post
    To tell the truth, this post above, as well as most all the others that you seem to put on this forum, smack me of being silly and totally mixed-up.
    Alan can you tell me what is "silly and totally mixed-up" with his post below?
    Quote Originally Posted by Jean Chauvin View Post

    We see that the real issue between Arminianism and Calvinism starts with the fall.

    As I said to the potential heretic Alan. there are 3 views to keep in mind.

    The Fall (3 Views

    Pelagian View - We are not born into sin and are not lost until we sin

    Semi-Pelagianism - The fall made me sick. I can still reason but not well

    Augustinianism - We were completely dead when born. This includes everything, reason, etc.

    Arminism is Semi-Pelagius
    Calvinism is Augustinian

    Those who hold the Pelagian View are outside of the Chrisitan faith since they violate an essential doctrine to the faith.

    See Romans 5:12-18 on this issue.

    We need to start with the fall because this is where the beginning of the issue.


    Jean Chauvin (Jude 3).

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    Quote Originally Posted by alanmolstad View Post
    I should tell you and any reading this why I have no been reluctantly forced to place you on my "IGNORE list"

    You ask the same questions over and over.
    Its no fun at all to try to have a conversation with someone who just simply says the same thing over and over without allowing the conversation to flow normally.

    I consider behavior of your Billy to be bad manners.

    I consider my own posts to be worth people taking the time to read, but when it becomes clear that im dealing with a person who is not actually interested in a real conversation, then I put their names on my IIGNORE list forever..

    unless you get your **** banned by the forum owner again...

    in that case, (If I once again see you listed as Banned) then I will take your name off my IGNORE list with the idea that you may have learned your lesson and as a reward you should be allowed to once again try to have a normal conversation with me.

    I will also see about using the IGNORE setting at the other forums where you and i might accidentally bump into each other....(why drag that out)

    take care....

    The other day I watched a person get all upset over what another member of this forum had posted...
    This reminded me of an issue from a month or so ago where once again a member of this forum could not understand why someone was even allowed to post on a Christian site because they kept posting the same stuff over and over?

    My response to these types of situations is to remember that we each have the ability to place someone we don't like on our IGNORE list.
    This has been the way in the past I ended bickering with members.
    I simply placed their name on my ignore list and that ended the matter, then and there.

    Not another peep was heard out of the guy I put on IGNORE.
    As far as i was concerned, I have totally BANNED the guy from my screen.

    It works like a charm.
    I have also learned over the years that people that get put on other's ignore list don't tend to stick around much longer.

    The constant reminder that their words will no longer be able to be seen gets to a person after a while, and they tend to go somewhere else to try to start all over.

    They must feel like they burned their bridges here, and so move on to new ones.

    So in very real ways, putting someone on your ignore list tends to help get rid of someone you don't like around.

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