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Thread: 2 posters , one and the same person?

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    Default 2 posters , one and the same person?

    The forum rules say that none of us can have two different forum names at the same time.

    How would a person learn if this is actually going on with some of the many people that we bump into here?

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    I sort of wonder the same thing, but I have an idea that when logged onto a computer that the IP or Mac address would be the same. You can change names, but I doubt you can as easily change computers.

    I think we have caught quite a few people over time that did this. While many people's terminology are the same due to worldviews, there are unique signatures in the manner of writing as word usage and sentence structure. I think when you suspect someone that it is as easy as comparing fingerprints. Especially if the usernames are talking back and forth so as to appear winning an argument by the appearance that it is two against one. I find it might be difficult to maintain the "I" and "You" references if the two usernames of the same person is conversing back and forth for such purpose. If they let down their pretense, there may be times when their usage of "I" should have been "You" or vice versa. Or how about when they defend what they said in the past, but they are quoting their opposite username? I am sure you catch my drift, but since I am not a mod, I do not know if when logging in they can see the IP or Mac address or not.

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    the issue was a big deal here a few years ago.
    There were a few Mormon posters that had their "main" name, and then had a back-up name for when they got banned.

    The ability to have a 2nd name listed for them also seemed to encourage threir poor manners.
    They seem to treat others with extra poor manners because they knew it was no big deal if/when they got banned.

    After I wrote this I was informed that MODs on many sites get something called IP numbers that show if a person is the same under different names.

    Just recently the same issue came up again here.
    We had another Mormon guest that had two different names, and just as you would expect, the Mormons poor manners got him banned quickly...but I guess they still have their 2nd name?...Im not sure, I was informed of the ID of the 2nd guest name, and Im told it was reported...But I never heard much after that....

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    If you only have one computer and two different people want to be members how would a person tell?

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    I started this topic a very long time ago because i noticed something odd in the way two people on this forum seemed to act.

    I started to suspect that the two people were actually the same person, just posting under two different names.

    i noticed that the two people would never really post on the same topic, but when they posted on other topics that used wordings and arguements that were word-for-word what the other had said.

    I did not know that much about how to track down the ID of posters at the time, and so I started this topic and then talked to a lot of people in Private M***ages about the situation.
    Another weird thing is that while one of the posters in question was well known on the Internet and was a member of many chat rooms and message forums, the other guy had zero other contacts with the internet as well as an email address that was no longer working.

    My guess is that it was the other guy's iden***y was comply fake and was only a means to allow him to always seem to have a supporter on the forum to his crazy ideas, and a way to get back to the forum if he got banned ever.

    What happened later was that as more and more people started to see the same hints that there was a person posting under a fake name, the one guy who I believe was posting under two names tells everyone that the other guy must have died?

    very convenient....

    In the end, the guy got banned a few times...swore he would never return, only to slip back a few times after that to posts but soon was banned again for always breaking the rules...

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