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Thread: St Paul's remains confirmed

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    According to reports the remains of St Paul have been found outside the walls of two 4th century churches in rome. The sarco***us has bone fragments of 1st or 2nd century and a precious purple linen. The inscription on the tomb bears the inscription "apostle paul martyr". If the Catholic church wasn't invented till the 5th or 6th century how is it that they have bones of St Paul himself. I know there are claims of peters remains in two different places but if you figure that people back then spread bones of martyr's in different places its easily explained.

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    Not sure how a DNA test right now would prove anything, but it would be interesting if one day they do a few tests to see where Paul is at?

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    While dating methods may place the likelihood of a remains found at a certain date, I do not think a DNA test would reveal much. Perhaps like in determining breeds in dogs through DNA testing, the best we can hope for is finding a way to map out ancestry of the remains of being of Jewish origin. However, due to being entrusted the Church, the faithful may make reasonable ***umption that his remains are where the Church claims it to be.

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    So we have to believe everything the church says.

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